Kevin E. Taylor makes multi-tasking sound easy. He's a pastor (9 years in January 2010), a writer and producer for television (12 years in television and more than 15 years running TM3-his own video production company), an author (UNCLUTTER, a "help-yourself" book he published in 2003 after leaving BET to pastor full-time; JADED, a novel released in 2006, which was Top 10 on several Amazon charts and 2 books coming in 2010—IT'S TIME FOR SOME ACTION and BECAUSE HE LIVES), a lecturer/empowerment speaker, who has spoken at colleges, universities and community groups for the last 20 years, and he has also been conducting a series of workshops on everything from pitching a TV show idea to uncluttering your life. "It seems like I'm a multi-tasker who's got too much on his hands, but I'm successful at it because I don't try to do it all at one time. I know how to focus on each task at hand. My task for 2010 is to great each person that attends a seminar or a service to reach for their greatest potential."

Taylor hopes to pool all of his efforts and pour his passion and many talents into this innovative new website, Part motivational one-stop shop and part inspirational boot camp, This new venture will guide its members through procrastination to perseverance and directly into producing a final product. With the tagline:   INFORMATION.   MOTIVATION.   PREPARATION., Taylor will use his empowerment coaching website and his considerable experience to help members find their way to greatness and their best life. It's not something Taylor came to as a gimmick. It's his own life that helped him shape this desire to help others.

Raised in the tenements of Washington, DC, but directly across the street from condos housing powerful lawmakers and business owners, the juxtaposition made him a dreamer. From an early age, Kevin E. Taylor knew that better was available for him. "I remember finding a pocket dictionary in the trash. I would learn a new word everyday. People thought it was crazy, but I knew I would need those words. I knew that there was a power in those words."

Those words came in handy when Taylor applied for college and his English essay is what got in him into several schools. Those words helped the English student, who also studied primarily in Accounting and Spanish. Those words helped when he transitioned from a safe municipal position as a Budget Analyst to Black Entertainment Television (BET) and soon became a producer, where he interviewed such icons as Tina Turner, Maxwell, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Sade, Diana Ross, Lenny Kravitz, Patti Labelle and later her reunited group Labelle and his personal favorite Natalie Cole, with whom Taylor developed a personal relationship and later did research for and wrote the discography to her 2000 "Angel On My Shoulder" autobiography, which later became an award-winning NBC made-for-TV movie. During his tenure at BET, Kevin created such shows as ACCESS GRANTED, TESTIMONY, LYRICALLY SPEAKING and NOTARIZED, which gave the network its highest day-ratings in its history in 1999 and where he won a Gold World Medal for International Programming for a special (24 HOURS WITH DRU HILL) and a pair of NAACP Image Award nominations, competing against himself in 2001 for his Aaliyah episode of ACCESS GRANTED and his interviews with Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige for TESTIMONY. Taylor also wrote biographies for projects or featured articles on Anita Baker ("Rhythm of Love" and "My Everything" cd releases, Jennifer Holliday (cover story for REAL magazine), Rachelle Ferrell (The Black Guide) and Tina Turner for the 1996 cover feature of Sister2Sister magazine. Taylor has also done EPKs (electronic/video press kits) for various record labels and recording artists.

Now, having left commercial television to pursue work in ministry and to write books that he calls "help-yourself" guides (because if you don't help yourself and do the work, nothing will change"), Taylor is prepared with this new decade to help people achieve the kind of life that that have seen him have right before their eyes. "A lot of eyes have been on me since 2001, when I was with Aaliyah on the set of her 'Rock The Boat' video and left the set in the Bahamas early, to speak in Baltimore, MD (foregoing his seat on the plane after an assistant asked him to change flights). People continue to friend me on all of the social networks and of the thousands of people who say hello, there are hundreds who want to know about my faith and how I have been able to have this life and this career, especially given my background. I am only too glad to share the tenacity of my faith."

Through this new empowerment coaching site, Taylor will interact with members on a daily basis through texts and emails, weekly with a podcast lecture/speech and a monthly action module, which the member establishes as an ongoing interactive plan that keeps them focused on their goals. "I know so many people who really need a life coach, or so they think, but they aren't in control of the very shape and scope of their life, so how can I coach that? I found the word 'empowerment,' so much more authoritative. With empowerment coaching, I am able to use all of my life experiences to help someone see the way out of the present clutter and into a safe space, where they can live in their dreams." "I want people to invest in themselves. People spend this on gyms they don't attend or on fast food in a matter of days. If I can get people to turn their lives around my changing their minds and investing in themselves, I am sure that people will fully live up to and in their greatest potential. That's what I want. I want my story to not be the exception but rather the rule. I want people to see that the sky isn't the limit. It's the launchpad!"